You can configure the ATMA background by selecting "Options" and then "Backgrounds".

Toggling the AutoBackup feature under the Options menu forces ATMA to save a backup of your character file with a ".org" extension. Use this to undo mistakes you may have made.

Toggling the AutoSave feature under the Options menu forces ATMA to automatically save any changes you make when you close a character.

You can create a stash file (.d2x) which can hold unlimited items. Think of it as a very large backpack.

Loading a file manually from the File menu will always look in the last folder opened.

Looking at the information printed in the Info Bar sometimes gives you an idea why an operation failed.

You can get rid of a loaded file name in the Character/Item View tree by hitting the DELETE key

Right clicking on an item brings up a popup menu which lets you perform detailed operations on the item

Three different file formats are supported. The Diablo II save file (.d2s), the Jamella item format (.d2i) and the ATMA eXtended item format (.d2x).

Loading a .d2i file from the File menu will use the default version format selected. You can change this format in the "Option/Config" menu.

You can simply load all the supported files in a directory by using the "Load Directory" option in the File menu.

Printing the item stats on a character can be done by doing a dump of the file using the "Dump Info" option under the File menu.

Individual item stats may be dumped by right clicking on the item, loading up a detailed view, selecting the property data and pasting in any word processor.

You may configure the font used for the item property popup window in the "Option -> Config" menu.

You can have a little more space to work with by disabling the Info/View/Tool bars in the "View" menu.

You can drag files from Explorer to the "Character/Item View" tree.

The Info/View/Tool bars are dockable and may be moved around.

The status bar at the very bottom gives you useful information such as the file name and version.

You can tile/cascade the windows using the "Windows" menu.

You cannot delete a mule from the "Character/Item View" tree using the DELETE key if it is currently open in ATMA.

Transferring items from one character to another will mark both of them as "dirty" (i.e need saving). This can be seen when the names on the windows are terminated with a '*'.

To save a character/item/stash, make it's window active by clicking on it and then clicking the Save icon or Save option in the File menu.

You may save the data to a different name by using the "Save As" option in the File menu. You need to reload the new data manually.

You may take a closer look at items (e.g. socketed gems) by right clicking on the item and selecting "View".

Transferring an item to your mercenary is as simple as moving it to the Cursor or Buffer, switching to the mercenary page and transferring.

The Buffer is a special space which contains items in transit. Don't leave items there or they will be lost.

Placing an equipped belt or Horadric cube in the buffer also saves the items in them and aids in transferring from character to character.

Running ATMA under Windows XP gives it the XP "Look and Feel".

ATMA remembers your previously loaded files.

You will lose your belt/cube items if you move an equipped belt (or cube) to the Cursor space.

If you make a mistake muling, make sure to turn off "AutoSave" before closing the mule.

When loading a .d2i file, the choice of version makes a big difference in if the item is read properly.

You may now associate d2i, d2s and d2x files with ATMA by selecting "ATMA Registry" under the Options menu.

Associating a file type with ATMA will let you load the file by double clicking the icon.

Only one instance of ATMA may be run at one time.

The item property popup window is automatically disabled under operating systems less than Win2K.

Clvl based properties are automatically calculated based on the level of the character.

Prefixes are not currently displayed properly in version 1.07.

Double clicking on a file associated with ATMA will open up the file in the current instance of ATMA.

If you create stash files with the same name as a char file in the standard D2 save game folder, the game will delete your stash file (and .org) if you delete the character. It is recommended that you creating your stash files in a completely different directory.