Monday, December 15, 2003Tenshi

There are a number of small things people have mentioned that I am fixing:

  1. The UM and VEX runes have the same graphics in ATMA. I thought I fixed that but I guess it's something I overlooked.
  2. If you turn off the option under "Item Edit" that says "Socketed gems may be added or removed", then it causes a bug where all socketed items will report "0 Used" regardless of what is in the item. Also, this opens the possibility of ATMA removing your socketed gem (and possibly rune or jewel, but I have only seen gem). This is clearly a bug since it does not check to make sure that this is simply the loading phase of the item. It would also explain why stashes would suddenly appear corrupt if this option were turned off.
  3. There are known problems with the display of certain Classic items in ATMA. These are items which were generated in Classic D2 before the Expansion was even released. These items have a certain in-game level requirement, but ATMA displays an incorrect level requirement. Do not worry - these items are still legit. It appears that the problem is with ATMA, not the items. The examples that I know of are miscellaneous rares and blue amulets with a +skills affix.

I am also considering a right-click popup menu on the Horadric Cube that would let you use cube formulae. This may or may not happen...

Monday, November 17, 2003ckb

Finally a real site update. Rejoice! Phase 1 moves a few things around and hopefully makes it a little easier to navigate. I cut out some of the stuff for older ATMA versions (before the 1.10 release) and moved the rest into the background. There is really no reason to use anything other than the current version now, especially since it adds some great new features. The front home page also lists the current version for easy reference, and so does the download page. This is the same version number you should see from the Help->About menu in ATMA. I also added some questions to the FAQ and updates the old ones.

Phase 2 is on the way. It will add more detail about how ATMA works and hopefully will become a manual of sorts. I plan on adding some snappy screenshots and writing some instructions for the major points. Maybe then y'all can leave Tenshi alone for a while so he can give us even more. :-) Stay tuned!

Monday, November 17, 2003Tenshi

I have uploaded a revised version of ATMA on the website (5.02). There are a few minor additions to this that might be of interest to some people:

  1. I have fixed the graphic display for upgraded uniques.
  2. When you right-click on a stash, you may now also Import and Export items.
  3. I added a minor check for the dmg% property for consistency.
  4. I added display on boots for Assassin Kick Damage.
  5. When you import an item into a stash or character file, you will now be forced to use the version of the d2x/d2s file. This should help prevent people trying to import 1.09 d2i files into 1.10 characters and thereby corrupting them.
  6. If a stash fails to load completely, ATMA no longer displays an empty window.
  7. If a unique item overrides it's graphic file in uniqueitems.txt, ATMA will now use this image.
  8. Required level for upgraded uniques as well as tempered items is now displayed properly.

At some point, I was thinking that it might be a good idea to embed some of these calculators like Weapon Speed, Blocking, FHR and so in within ATMA. An interesting one would be an ItemDrop calculator but since it's a major project, I'd like to get permission from the authors of these programs to embed them rather than writing my own.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003Tenshi

I have also figured out what the issue was with stashes not converting... noob programming on my part. Anyway, that has been fixed. Other than the installer issue (it's a 3rd party program so I have no idea what to about that), I'd say it's all fixed.

Just a quick heads up before I do an upload at some point. I was making a few more changes in the meantime:

  1. Fixed the graphic display for upgraded uniques
  2. Added an Export function when you right-click an item in a stash
  3. Added a check for the dmg% modifier so that it displays and calculates damage correctly for a weird case that was brought to my attention
  4. Added display for Assassin Kick Damage on boots

Friday, November 07, 2003Tenshi

When I designed the d2x format, I save it with an internal ID that tells me what version it is. However, this ID is diferent from the the internal id that Blizzard uses in the d2s character files. This has mostly worked for me because every patch has a unique id... except for 1.10 where there have been 3 versions of the same "ATMA 1.10 D2X" internal id. Hence 1.10a, 1.10s and 1.10 final D2X files all have the same internal id and ATMA cannot distinguish them. This is where you as the user get to play your part.

I would have loved to make a seperate application to do the conversion but I'm sure people would still have run into the same issues. To convert a 1.10s stash:

  1. Use the "Load 1.10s d2x file" under the File menu to load the file. This should load the stash without any complaints.
  2. You need to trigger the "dirty" flag on the stash (i.e when there is a '*' after the title name) by moving an item in it.
  3. Save the stash and it should be 1.10 final compatible.

Granted, I should have thought of auto-triggering the dirty flag and doing a save right afterwards to convert it. I'll fix this later as well as the other two issues regarding d2i files and mercs. It's not easy when you don't have beta testers.

I see what the issue is now wrt the merc trailer data ... subtle bug but easily fixed.

Sorting through this has been a chore but...

  1. I have fixed the issue regarding exporting d2i files .. yet another subtle bug having to to do with the new backup system.
  2. I have fixed the issue with the "Invalid Mercenary Trailer" error message .. basically, any merc using an item socketed with a 1.10a rune can trigger this.
  3. I have added some more identification for items with versions that come up as "(Unknown)" .. basically, you can now have one of 4 values:
    • Classic: for items from pre-1.07
    • Standard: for non-expansion 1.07+ items
    • Expansion: for expansion items from 1.07-1.09
    • 1.10 Expansion: for expansion items from 1.10

When everything is resolved, I will upload a new version.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003ckb

ATMA V is released. No time for a complete update, but you came here for the link (its on the home page). Download and enjoy!

Sunday, November 02, 2003Tenshi

There was a bug in the new character creation such that 1) You could never create a HardCore Assassin or Druid and 2) New characters created in 1.07 and 1.08 were potentially screwed up... I don't know the extent of this since I never used it under these versions. Anyway, that bug is fixed now.

I just finished rewriting the DupeDetector so it should be a bit better behaved now. The way it used to work before was that it would load everything into memory at once which could spell trouble if you loaded too many items. I've made two changes which should make it easier to deal with:

  1. It now loads the files incrementally and runs each one through the detector as needed instead of pre-loading everything.
  2. You can now give it the option of loading the data without graphics. This means that as soon as it is done with the data, it releases the memory associated thereby making it less of a memory hog. This is now the preferred way of doing things.

For those worried about your 1.10s stashes, I just added a menu option that will read (and automatically convert) 1.10s stashes. The caveat here is that once the file is read and any changes are made to it, it will save in the 1.10 final format. The only major difference between 1.10s and 1.10 final is that the durability of items is read with 8 bits in 1.10s and 9 bits in 1.10 final. This means that you have to be sure that you are loading a 1.10s stash or it will abort. Anyway, a couple more changes and I believe I should have a release version by Wednesday (crosses fingers)

It will not convert 1.09 stashes. This would fall under the realm of version conversion and that's something I have not implemented. If it existed, then it would be possible to mule between different versions. As it is, you have to transfer the items you need from your 1.09 stash to a 1.09 mule, convert to 1.10 in game and then mule to your final 1.10 character.

Saturday, November 01, 2003Tenshi

I updated the display of items in ATMA to show the game version. Take a look at a screenshot:

Saturday, November 01, 2003ckb

Well, the v1.10 final patch came out and I am behind as usual. The fact that my car was totaled last week didn't help, but now it's on with some updates:

Added a disclaimer on the main page about ATMA not yet working with 1.10 final. Tenshi says its close... see below for details on the work. He is faster and more diligent than I. Stay tuned here for next version.

I also archived the older news. There's a link on the bottom of this page to track the history.

Friday, October 31, 2003Tenshi

Ooohh, this is evil... after digging my way through a few runes and high level items sent by Tazoz, I found out a few new things: The extra 96 bit GUID for armor and weapons is gone. I suppose that Blizzard felt the current fingerprint was enough. The GUID is gone for low level runes, however the GUID remains for higher level runes at least Shael and above (dunno about Ral/Ort/Amn). Potentially, this can now be used to detect duped runes in 1.10. I still need quest items to test before I can consider a release for 1.10 final.

There was a bug in the new character creation such that You could never create a HardCore Assassin or Druid and new characters created in 1.07 and 1.08 were potentially screwed up... I don't know the extent of this since I never used it under these versions. Anyway, that bug is fixed now.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003Tenshi

Big news. The final v1.10 patch is out. Lots to do...

From the reports trickling in, it appears they changed a few things in the format again. I just did some minor poking around to see what the differences are and it looks like the item format is closer to 1.10a instead of 1.10s. The character data was trivial to decode so I'd need to concentrate on the item format now. After doing some digging and modification, I managed to get ATMA to read the character file properly so I can potentially mule now in 1.10 final. However, there are a few observations I made:

  1. Most of the items I found with her are obviously low level items and none of them has the 96 bit GUID info. It is possible that this is only turned on for higher level items so I'll either wait till I can get her high enough to find these or have volunteers send some in.
  2. I do not have any quest items to test out so those would be a boon if someone could send me a few.
  3. The internal item format really does look a lot like the old 1.10a format. It's mostly the same but for a few tweaks here and there especially the durability data on extended items.

I fixed up the required level display issue for items with +skills. Kinda tricky but I got it. I also finished up Bank of ATMA and it appears to be working well too.

Saturday, October 25, 2003Tenshi

I had some free time on my hands and decided to fix a few things while I could:

  1. I have now added the specific "per clvl" values in the property display.
  2. I have fixed the bug where ATMA would not make a backup if AutoSave was turned off.
  3. I've added a right click menu for stashes so you can delete items directly from the stash.
  4. I fixed the Classic issue so that properties on classic items display properly.
  5. I added support in v1.10 to properly display clvl requirements for upgraded uniques.
  6. I've now added a "Save All" button to save all open documents.
  7. I'm currently adding Gold Muling (i.e Bank of ATMA).
  8. Stacking simple items in the stash currently does not look trivial so I'm leaving that till later.
  9. I'll probably add multiple backup files (up to 9) so that ATMA does not overwrite the last one when you save.

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