Wednesday, August 20, 2003Tenshi

I recently found a bug in the way I was dealing with runes and quest items that can potentially screw up your characters pretty badly. Anyway, it's fixed and I'll upload the revised version tonite.

Sunday, August 10, 2003Tenshi

I did some tinkering today and added compatibility for 1.10s... I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought. The problem with it is that 1.10a and 1.10s have the same signature, so ATMA cannot tell the difference between the two. Blizzard took the easy way out and simply deleted all items off 1.10a files so that you'd have to start from scratch. It is possible to convert your 1.10a files to 1.10s files and i'm waiting for someone else on the Phrozen keep to get back to me on this. Anyway, I would like the conversion outside of ATMA so that ATMA only loads 1.10s files instead of getting confused with 1.10a files. In any case, here is a formal explanation as to the difference between 1.10a and 1.10s:

1.10s introduces a change in the item format by adding an extra 96 bits of data... I guess you can think of this as 3 DWORDS (unsigned 32 bit values). The first 2 DWORDS seem to act as a digital signature while the last one is empty for now (I guess Blizzard wanted extra space in case of something else). What the programmers had in mind with this is unclear but it would appear that they want to widen the fingerprint pool so as to prevent collisions. In order to determine which items get the extra 96 bits of data, the bit right before the item specific data is flipped on. Normally, this bit was always zero except for Tomes of Identify. Anyway, the only items for which this extra data is stored (and hence deleted by 1.10s) are 1) Runes and 2) Items with quality >= MAGICAL.

Wednesday, August 6, 2003Tenshi

1.10s introduces a change in the item format such that ATMA is no longer compatible. While I know what the new format is and could potentially implement a change to 1) Support 1.10s 2) Trick 1.10s into accepting 1.10 items, I am more of the mind to simply wait until things have settled down instead of playing a catch up game with Blizzard. There are two versions of the same patch with different item formats and ATMA cannot distinguish between the two since they have the same signature. I have also been asked if ATMA IV is compatible with ATMA III stashes. There is no difference between the two except for the added compatiblity with 1.10 BETA. One last important point. You should NEVER EVER attempt to import 1.09 d2i items into a 1.10 character as this will corrupt your character. A 1.09 item is only meant for 1.09... let's keep it that way.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003Tenshi

ATMA IV is ready to go. Due to the overwhelming response by users to separate the muling from editing in ATMA, ATMA IV no longer has any editing capabilities. Also, since ATMA IV does everything version III does, I'd like to take down ATMA III and retire it. There are a few changes with this version of ATMA, including an installer, DupeDetector TM, and the elmination of character editing. These are outlined and detailed in the main pages of the web site.

Friday, July 25, 2003Tenshi

Blargh! I still have no idea why those partial set item bonuses are coming out the way they do from the game (and the folks on Phrozen Keep are too busy with other stuff) so I decided to take the "Hail Mary Approach" in reading the number of partial set bonuses. It does work but is not very elegant since it goes into setitems.txt to search for the number of partial set item bonuses listed there. Unfortunately, a naive application of this can fail especially in the case of Trang-Oul's Heavy Bracer which lists the "+25% Poison Damage" as a partial set bonus but is actually part of the regular magic modifiers (at least based on Nobbie's item pack). Anyway, I guess ATMA is practically upgraded for 1.10... just need to add a few more modules I was working on before being rudely interrupted by 1.10 and it should be good to go.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003ckb

More site updates, with the addition of an ATMA IV section. A big thanks to Tenshi and his hard work to get the v1.10 unique items decoded. No official version yet, as there is still plenty to do and 1.10 is still beta. We will keep you posted, so watch this space!

Monday, July 14, 2003Tenshi

I'm currently working on 1.10 ATMA IV and hopefully, I should get it to be 1.10 compatible soon. The character stats section got changed radically so it took a while to decode. Also setitems.txt was split into 2 files so set items don't quite work the way they used to. I'm in the process of recoding the set item class in ATMA to deal with this. However, I mostly have the unique items up and running with the new item properties as you can see from the screenshots.

With ATMA III, there is a problem in earlier versions that might be still lingering where transferring to/from equipped item slots would occasionally lose the item. For some reason, the problem is caused by muling directly from a body slot. The problem does not occur if it is moved to the inventory in game and then muled over. I'm not really sure what is causing it because it has never happened to me. However, other editors like Shadowmaster have the same issues so I suspect that there might be something extra that the game checks for and if it doesn't find it, decides that the item is not valid and deletes it. I'd love for someone to step through the game code and see what checks are enforced but I'm not sure that anyone is interested in doing that at this time with 1.10 Beta out. As suggested, the best thing to do if you notice that the item has vanished in-game, is to restore it from the backup file and move the item to another location... preferably an equipped position or the cursor. That almost always fixes it. One should be able to move the item around or mule then. However, as I said, it's never happened to me so it's hard to reproduce it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003ckb

A few minor site updates... filled in some old news and added a bit to the FAQ. Maybe we will be blessed with 1.10 soon and lots will happen, but until then, enjoy ATMA as it is in all its glory.

Wednesday, June 4, 2003Tenshi

Been a while since I did any serious mucking around in ATMA but I was just testing the issue that people had with reverse text in the editor section. I figured out what was going on .. the cursor position is always reset to the left of the text on any update so anything you type in is dumped to the left. Hence things like '321' when you type in '123' . Minor thing that I'll fix up later. I just wanted to understand it for now.

I accidentally took out the "use_popup" option in the last release so WinMe/Win9x users have to change that manually. Go to the ATMA config directory, edit the ATMA_config.ini file and look for the line that says "use_pop" .. change the value from 1 to 0. I'll fix this in the next release.

Tuesday, June 3, 2003ckb

Some good ATMA press on

Monday, May 26, 2003Tenshi

From what I see so far, the game is responsible for writing the set bonuses to the item file. This is fine if you don't move the items around. However, muling can change the number of set items currently equipped by the character which means that the set bonuses will change. I don't know if it's worth trying to figure out each time you move an item if to list these bonuses or not. For now, I'll keep them in a seperate property list and try to figure out what to do from there.

Sunday, May 25, 2003ckb

A big update to the site today. I added an OVERVIEW section that details how ATMA works and includes a bunch of impressive screenshots. Hopefully this will better illustrate everything until someone volunteers to write some documentation or until we find the time to do so.

Friday, May 16, 2003ckb

I've been working overtime... lots of overtime.. and not on the ATMA site, so its been a while since an update. But now here it is! The CREDITS section now has nifty graphics to go along with the links, and I added a bunch of new news from Tenshi. If I get some free time this weekend, look for a screenshot section too.

Friday, May 16, 2003Tenshi

I see what the Palette Shifting issue is now... I use CreateDIBitmap() to create the HBITMAP from the DC6 info. Unfortunately, this uses the default depth of the Device Context (which for most graphics cards now is 24). 24 bit displays do not use a palette so only an 8 bit (or less) bitmap can be palette shifted. Hence, no change in the graphics color. I'd have to use CreateDIBSection() but the documentation on MSDN is being cryptic as usual.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003Tenshi

By the time I add the DupeDetector and finish up the quests page, it should be 90% of the way there. Been taking it really slow now. I now have the main functionality for Palette Shifting in ATMA but it's still not doing it correctly. I guess that and the above will constitute V3.07.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003Tenshi

A minor quirk in the character edit section: On any of the fields that are right justified, when you enter a value, they come out in reverse order. The first digit you enter becomes the rightmost character, the 2nd, the 2nd from the right, etc. Ex: Put 123 into the gold: inventory field, you'll see (and it'll save) a value of 321. The same goes for the stats, life, etc. If you put them in backwards, you get what you meant to put in. Also, it was pointed out that the Cancel button just closes the Character Edit form. If you go back into the Character Edit module (w/o closing and reopening the character) any funky values you entered are still there.

You get to blame MicroSloth for the reverse text issue. I only take what the CEdit object gives me back via atoi(CEdit.GetLine(0)). I have no idea if making it left justified will make a difference. I was also thinking about the "Close" button on the CharacterEditor. For now, it's set to simply close the window but I'm not yet done with the editor. Next version will revert to the backup values when you close.

Monday, May 12, 2003Tenshi

Note that a '?' gets added sometimes on the end of items. Razortail has it: Piercing Attack? and the extra bloody? on gorefoots. In creating the ATMA_properties.txt file for 1.07, 1.08 and 1.09 , I had to do some futzing around and left those in there by accident. They mean nothing and can be ignored. I'll take them out of the game files in the next revision.

I forgot to turn on auto scrolling on the stash tree view. It's turned on now but won't be available till I do an update.

Finally done with the waypoints. Now and is editable in the CharacterEdit module. Slowly getting to the end of what I planned ATMA to look like and I'm sure I'll have lots of time between finishing it and 1.10 release.

Ye gods! ATMA is now up to 217 files and 80,500 lines of code!

Version 3.06 is now live. There have been several new additions to this which require you to download both and . Due to the increasing number of clueless people, I now refuse to do incremental upgrades i.e uploading newly added files. It's all or nothing. Changes in 3.06 include:

  1. Added FileWatch module that monitors loaded d2s files
  2. Modified partial dump info so it looks a little more like ATMA II output
  3. Double clicking a stash item replaces the one in the first view if no other view can be used
  4. Added options for FileWatch in main menu
  5. Moved menu items around and created a Configure menu
  6. Fixed title display for stashes when loading from menu
  7. Added a CharacterEditor module which can be accessed from the File menu
  8. Skill edit in the CharacterEditor module now works
  9. Added option for softcore -> hardcore item transfer
  10. Finished merc level editing (needs refinement in 1.07/1.08)
  11. Finished Waypoint display/edit
  12. Toggled auto scroll for stashes in character/item view
  13. Fixed display damage for ethereal weapons

Note: The manifest for version 3.06 does not mention completion of quests anywhere because it's not finished yet.

Sunday, May 11, 2003Tenshi

A few more updates:

  1. Double clicking a stash item name in a tree replaces the one in the first view.
  2. Added options for FileWatch in main menu.
  3. Moved menu items around and created a Configure menu.
  4. Fixed title display for stashes when loading from menu.
  5. Skill edit in the CharacterEditor module works.
  6. Added option for softcore -> hardcore item transfer.
  7. Finished merc level editing.

A note about scepters: they are listed as both Maces and Staves but displayed as Mace Class in-game. They were showing up as staves in ATMA. It took all of two lines of code to fix that.

Friday, May 09 2003Tenshi

Thanks to meritaten, I have two links that completely described what I need to do palette shifting. Cool, now let's see if I can actually implement it.

The FileWatch module works! As I'm rack running in 1.07 with LadyTempus, ATMA is auto-loading the file everytime I save in LOD.

Thursday, May 08 2003Tenshi

I've added a FileWatch class that monitors open d2s files. I'm yet to test it properly. However, this code does not support networked files (i.e you must be running ATMA locally on the machine the files exist for it to work). If you want to provide code that can work over networks, I'm all ears.

I've modified the partial info dump output so it looks a little more like the old ATMA II output.

Thursday, May 08 2003ckb

Updated a bunch of stuff to make the site that much better:

  1. Created a new fancy main title at the top with the Diablo font.
  2. Added names to the entries in the NEWS section.
  3. Re-formatted the TIPS section with "l'il dagger" bullets.
  4. Fixed a bunch of misc typos.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003Tenshi

I just finished the character edit module on the stats page (wipes sweat). Order of business now is:

  1. Finish up those damned advanced options
  2. Finish up the quest/waypoints page
  3. DupeDetector module
  4. ItemEdit module

I still don't know how to do Palette Shifting... searched high and low with no luck. For the gurus out there, given a CPalette, how do I change it to get a shift like the Diablo items have?

Tuesday, May 06, 2003Tenshi

I'd just like to point out to everyone that ATMA does not come with any WARRANTEE whatsoever.

There is now minor support in 3.06 for:

  1. Editing levels
  2. Changing experience
  3. Changing name
  4. Expansion <-> Standard
  5. Softcore <-> Hardcore

You'll need to tinker with the options to set the right values for these to take effect. However, I would not recommend it yet until some other stuff I am working on is in place. Click the wrong option and funny (to me anyway seeing that you were warned) things might start happening. The other stuff is much trickier.

Also started off on the quests and waypoints pages, although they are mostly blank at this point until I start implementing functionality. I'll do a release tonight to fix a stash issue before it causes any more problems.

Monday, May 05, 2003Tenshi
VERSION 3.05 is now live. Due to internal changes when reading Cold Damage Modifiers, you need to download and reinstall both and . Happy testing. Changes include:
  1. State of the dockable windows is now saved
  2. State of the main window is saved
  3. Gemmed items are now saved properly (with the gems) when moved to a stash
  4. Gemmed items are now saved properly (with the gems) when exported
  5. Cap of 3000 items removed from stashes .. it's now unlimited
  6. State of the Item Property View is saved
  7. Cold damage modifiers are now handled properly
  8. Crafted items now show correct clvl
  9. Player ears are now handled
  10. Partial Info Dump is now available for those who want to compile a list of items without stats
  11. Dump Full/Partial Info works for stashes
  12. Fixed stash bug where transferring a belt in the 9th column of your inventory to a stash would result in it moving all your belt potions as well
  13. Fixed Zephyr runeword problem in 1.09
  14. Added "Import Item" functionality on Right click

Saturday, May 03, 2003ckb
The ATMA web site begins.

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