Download ATMA and run the installer. The setup wizard will guide you through the installation process. This will load ATMA and create Windows shortcuts.


Due to a system incompatibility with Win98, a different route must be followed for Win98/WinME users. Initially follow the installation instructions described above. Hovering over an item usually displays a popup window with the item stats. However, Win98 refuses to recognize this and sends the popup to the back of the ATMA window. This makes it difficult if not impossible to mule. In order to bypass this, simply go to the Options menu and toggle the "item popup" option. If you don't see an ItemProperty window, go to the View menu and toggle the "Item Property" option. That will display the stats of any item which you hover your mouse over. If the stats do not fit in that window, make sure the 'character.d2s' window is the active window by clicking on it. This "locks" the item stat display in the Item Property window and allows you to scroll in the item property window to view the full stats.