ATMA can open and display all Diabo II charcters files (.d2s) from any version through 1.10. Open multiple charcters and drag and drop items between them. View items on your character (in both weapon slots and in both hands), in the backpack, and in the stash in one easy view. You can also view and move items of hired mercenaries, iron golems, and character corpses.

The character display screen has space for your body, inventory, Horadric cube, belt, and private stash. It also includes a space for the cursor if you have picked up an item in-game and have not yet placed it. The Buffer is a special ATMA only, temporary spot to store items if you are moving them around or want to switch items between the Character, Corpse, or Mercanary tabs.

ATMA includes Diabo II stype item info pop-ups! This is customizable with your own font choice.